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Prophetic Word
on June 30, 2023
"Thus says The Lord to His servant: Timothy, concerning the Sabbath, the seventh day of each week, Saturday is the day you shall remember and keep holy. Yes, you shall keep it holy and rest. You shall do no work on this day, neither shall your wife or children, nor any guest in your house,[1] save that which is needful for your household. You may also do those things which are good and fruitful in My eyes, according to that which I command you. Yet from doing your own pleasure depart and from your own works rest, on the Sabbath day; walk not in your own way, Timothy, but walk with Me in Mine. Rest in Me, and remember. For in this you honor Me and shall surely be blessed.[2]
Therefore, this is what I command you: You shall be prepared for the Sabbath by sunset on the sixth day, ceasing from all your works as I have commanded you. You shall remember and honor the Sabbath;[3] from sunset to sunset, you shall rest and be at peace."
[1]: Exodus 20:8-10
[2]: Isaiah 58:13-14
[3]: Exodus 20:8
πŸ“– Excerpt from:,_and_He_Shall_Remember_You
"Remember The Sabbath and Your God, and He Shall Remember You" - The Volumes of Truth
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