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Prophetic Word
on August 2, 2023
"For The Lord your God has a Holy One; He is The Head of the body, The True Sanctuary, The Only Life Without End! Say no more there is another way into eternal life, nor say those who reject His life live also, though it be in torment. For there is but ONE WAY, ONE TRUTH and ONE LIFE... Behold, He is a strong tower, a fortified city in the day of battle, an all-encompassing fire; The Mighty and Strong One whose rod is made of iron, The Law-Giver; The Source of Life by which all things consist,[8] your Carpenter and Redeemer, The Salvation of God! My people, wait upon The Lord with meekness and fear, with unwavering trust, wait for Him! For He is The Fountain of Living Waters for all who thirst, a fruitful vine for the hungry, a wealth of riches for all those who come to Me empty."
~ Says The Lord
[8]: Colossians 1:16-17
πŸ“– Excerpt from:,_Hear_The_Word_of_The_Lord
"Churches of Men, Hear The Word of The Lord" - The Volumes of Truth
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