Prophetic Word
on October 15, 2023
"Look at what they do! Look how they greedily lust after every contemptible word and deed, filling their bellies with all this disgusting food, performing every abomination which I commanded they shall not do! They are a vile people, a most deceitful and wicked generation, the likes of which has never been seen! Yet I love them still.
Even so, I must not withhold My punishment, and My judgment must be satisfied; evil must be utterly destroyed, it must be consumed from before My face. For if I do not do that which I have purposed in My heart to do, and if that which is stored up in the storehouses of My wrath is not poured out, mankind would surely destroy themselves by their own hand, leaving the garden uninhabitable!"
~ Says The Lord
📖 Excerpt from:
"The Last Trumpet Before The Time" - The Volumes of Truth
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