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Prophetic Word
on December 9, 2023
"As for this holiday called Christmas, you must forsake it. For on this day, The Son of Man did not come into the world by way of water and blood; neither shall My people worship Me in this way. Yet of Messiah’s birth, you may indeed remember it with your family, for it was the beginning of your salvation. For where there was once only darkness, behold, a great light has appeared! Therefore, blessed are those who worship with gratitude, giving thanks for the birth of My Son. Even more blessed are those who worship and give thanks for His death and resurrection.
Yet woe to those who associate the name of The Son of God with pagan practices and idolatrous traditions! YOU HAVE SURELY TAKEN THE NAME OF THE LORD IN VAIN! Woe to all who celebrate this holiday called Christmas, for you do dishonor Me by all you say and do! For this season of so-called giving is detestable in My sight! ABOMINATION! IDOLATRY!"
~ Says The Lord
📖 Excerpt from:
"Christmas" - The Volumes of Truth
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