Prophetic Word
on December 14, 2023
Thus says The Lord: O nation, once called of itself “Under God,” you have raised yourselves above Me, saying within yourselves, “We are not under God, nor do we serve any god. Right is wrong, and wrong is right and the right of the individual who has become a god unto himself.”
Therefore, because you have spoken in such a manner, you shall surely come to know God; you shall come to know Me in My anger! And I shall show you what is right, and I, even I shall cause you to discern, and you shall choose! For the sword has come, and under God shall you be placed once again! Yet not as at the first when you blessed My name, no, not as at the first, but in subjection, in retribution, in the shadow of My judgment! - Under God, My footstool! Then you will know, I AM THE LORD!
📖 Excerpt from:,_and_to_All_the_Churches_of_Men_Which_Dwell_Within_Its_Borders
"Thus Says The Lord to the United States, and to All the Churches of Men Which Dwell Within Its Borders" - The Volumes of Truth
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