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Prophetic Word
on December 25, 2023
"I know many say they celebrate this holiday in loving memory of My earthly birth, yet on this day I did not come into the world by way of water and blood. For that day and hour remains unknown to you, nor do you understand. For you cast off knowledge, and refuse to honor the appointed times which The Father commanded you to keep holy and remember.[1] Thus My people are indeed destroyed for lack of knowledge, as it is written.[2]
How long shall you mar My image before the people?!
How long shall My name be blasphemed
Because of you, O churches of men?!...
How long shall you commit adultery with the
Harlot and revel in the idolatries of the pagan?!
How long shall you remain married to this world
And all its fornications against God?!...
Again I tell you, ALL religions, religious rituals
And celebrations, rooted deeply in paganism,
Are an abomination in the eyes of The Most High God!"
~ Says The Lord
[1]: See: "Regarding The Holy Days"
[2]: Hosea 4:6
πŸ“– Excerpt from:
"Regarding the Celebration of Christmas" - The Volumes of Truth
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