Prophetic Word
on December 28, 2023
"How is it that many of you must be prompted to do a good deed? Has goodness now become a burden to you? Or is the one in the mirror your only concern? Do not be fooled, but remember: It is who you choose that defines what you do.[2] And faith without works is dead, even as works done without faith are dead also. And one who bears their own burdens must also bear the heat of the day. Yet one who lets go, cutting every cord that binds them to this world, walks free, and shall be given eagle’s wings. For idle hands lack bread, and an idle heart lacks trust; their backs are bent down always, their countenances fallen, their eyelids have grown very heavy. Yet love strengthens the spirit and washing another’s feet is good for the soul, renewing the whole of the body."
~ Says The Lord
[2] ^ See: "Choose Me" -
📖 Excerpt from:
"Offerings" - The Volumes of Truth
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