Kenneth Spann
on January 24, 2024
23 January 2024, Genesis Baptist Church, Wilburton, OK.
This Update is being sent out a little late as I wanted to wait until after attending the National Church Planting Conference in Oklahoma City. This was an exciting time of hearing from many church planters from around the country. There were great sermons, and good singing – and even fellowship meals at lunch time. While I was not called on this year to present our work in Wilburton, the Lord Blessed us with a $851.00 offering that was a great help with some plumbing related repairs at Genesis Baptist church. Pastor Mickey Ellis from my home church (Poteau Valley Baptist Church) donated money to other church planters at the conference – that was raised for this purpose. I threw in a little myself.
We continue door knocking our way through Winter, and inviting people to visit. Pastor Weber and myself also offer to tell prospects the Way to Heaven – Jesus Christ. I continue to help at Genesis Baptist Church with the song leading and teaching the Sunday School Bible Study hour, and Pastor Weber preaches the sermons during the services. We continue to pray the Lord will add.
We are hoping in the not too far future to do some more improvements to the church property. Outside: More rocks for the parking area (possibly expand it), a small riding mower, and a shed to store the mower and other items, installation of outdoor lighting on the porch area and front. Inside: Audio snake XLR type (100ft) and two speaker cables with ¼” mono connector plugs (100ft). This will allow us to move the sound controls of our present system from the platform to the sound booth later in the future. Down the road we are praying the the Lord will provide for a reliable van to be used in Wilburton to pick up people to attend church. Around $13,000 remains on our mortgage. Please contact my home church if you would like to help with any of these items.
As I mentioned last month, I have made small changes to my presentation video to extend its usefulness for a little while longer. It can be made available to interested pastors for download, or may be watched at .
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