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Stephenie Thompson
on February 9, 2024
One of the most universally understood ideals of a man (husband) is how he should love well. This is especially true in scripture.
How can a husband love well? Here are a 10 ways, in no particular order. Also, this list is not exhaustive.
1) He thinks of his wife and children first.
2) He gives of himself generously.
3) He speaks gently.
4) He perseveres steadily.
5) He leads wisely.
6) He pursues purely.
7) He encourages consistently.
😎 He serves selflessly.
9) He seeks reconciliation & forgiveness when wronged.
10) He listens patiently and intently.
Husbands, may Christ's love move you to love your bride and children with the utmost care! And may you see them as the treasures and blessings they are!
Love fiercely,
Ryan & Selena Frederick
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Raymond G. Born
And I pray you husbands do so while you still have your wives!
February 9, 2024