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Stephenie Thompson
on February 14, 2024
Marriage is called a covenant for good reason. It is an agreement that puts boundaries around behavior to provide an environment where the relationship can flourish.
Throughout scripture, the marital covenant is illustrated and regulated among God's people. We see how much God cares about marriage by observing its proximity and prevalence among other critical directives.
Adultery is originally condemned in the same passage forbidding idolatry, murder, coveting, and stealing. In the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi rails against faithless husbands while also condemning a deeply corrupt priesthood in his famous reprimand of Judah.
Our earthly covenants with each other are as important and weighty to God as His own covenant with us. It is an integral idea to God because of how it affects our relationships with our spouses, but more so because of how it correlates to our holiness as His people.
May your covenant with each other hold all the weight and joy that God intended, and may Christ's goodness compel you to love each other even when times are hard.
Stay fierce,
Ryan and Selena
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