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Kenneth Spann
on February 20, 2024
21 February 2024, Genesis Baptist Church, Wilburton, OK.
The Lord continues to bless. As of the time of this update, we have had six first time visitors from the Wilburton area during the month of February. Some have come more than once as well.
With the help of some professionals from his home town, Pastor Weber has been able to begin setting up in his own living space. This will be a big help in his ability to rest and study, so as to be able to better fulfill his roll as the Pastor of Genesis Baptist Church.
Winter is soon coming to an end. Warmer weather will allow people to get out more, making it easier for us to better talk to prospects, and invite them to church. But with the warmer weather also comes the time when grass once again grows, and will again need to be cut. One of our needs is still to obtain a mower, a shed to store it, and a few other items as well. If anyone would like to be a help with this, please contact my home church. The contact information is at the bottom of this letter.
A bit of surprise when one of the visitors has live streamed us more than once. These videos are being looked at as views are being registered. We are not presently posting our services ourselves.
The problem with my website sometimes displaying an ‘error’ message has been fixed. Part of the software was very much out of date. After updating it the problem went away, and the site can be viewed normally. The site’s address is .
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