This is my response to all the killings, murders, terrorism, all the hate and violence and shameful things that pass as "normal" in this fallen, lost world.
This is my response to those who became sick and twisted and perverted in response to those who did sick and twisted and perverted things to them.
This is my response to the victim and the victimizer, to the abused and the abuser, to the proud and the rebellious and the self-righteous. And the weak and the frail and the cowards and the fearful.
Lord, open their eyes and their hearts and draw them unto Yourself.
Remove from them their heart of stone,
Give them a heart that seeks and desires You;
a heart that is tender and receptive to Your truth;
a heart that believes, and receives Jesus and His free and priceless gift.
Remove them out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Your dear Son.
Fill and flood them with Your Light.
May they know You, intimately, personally, and in Saving faith.
Please lead them in Your Way Everlasting.
In the powerful, transforming and holy Name of Jesus we pray and believe. Amen.