We are thankful to God and all dear friends for your prayer and love towards us🙏
Please remember in prayer we have just started to dig a foundation to construct a church for a village where our sister church believers' group can have regular fellowship prayer and services after completing this construction.
There is no water connection we are working to bring water tap by joining from far town....there is electricity problem we also need to join electricity......there is no good roads and its hard to take materials from far city.....and it takes long time to run works.....many things needed for completing the construction so we need your prayer and love always now we need cement rods bricks and all materials required for construction of complete church
please pray for us and provide possible help to build a house of prayer and fellowship.

We respect your prayer love and we appreciate any kind help you can make available to Darshan Church🙏🙏🙏

Blessings to all