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Pamela Kohl

Female. Lives in North Carolina, United States. Born on January 4, 1954.
When did I get saved?
May 22, 1973
How did I hear about Savior Connect?
Search Engine
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The Altar It was a raised structure where sacrifices were offered and incense was burned. ThiTs was man's simplest and earliest effort to give outward expression of faith in God. It was the desire to... View More
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I'm planning to publish some of my Bible studies on here. It is taking time because I have never prepared them for publication. I have decided that here is the right place to share my Bible studies wi... View More
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Shawn Luke
I’m looking forward to it. Thanks, Pamela.
October 28, 2023
I just said goodbye to my friends, family and church family at Facebook. The next step is to take it down. I've found a new home to communicate the gospel and Bible studies with, and it is here! I a... View More
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Peggy Baayen
October 24, 2023
I shall soar like an eagle into the heavens where my savior is, and be refreshed by his Presence.
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Shawn Luke
One day we will rise to meet him in the heavens.
October 6, 2023
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