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Micah Ben-Yehudah

Male. Lives in Granite Falls, North Carolina, United States. Born on April 26, 1947. Is widowed.
When did I get saved?
January 19, 1972
How did I hear about Savior Connect?
In an Air Force theater during a movie.
About Me
After getting out of the Air Force, I went back to get a degree in Political Science and Sociology. ... View More

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I have been interested in the Great White shark all my adult life; but, I maintain a healthy distance. Nor do I like to go into areas associated with them. Yet when I see an article about them, I can ... View More
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Are you associated with the group claiming to be with the Salem group?
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updated his profile information.
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I miss seeing both Sharon and Derek on SkyWatchTV; and, I wanted to wish Mrs. Gilbert a belated Happy Birthday. Being a Messianic Jew, and, seeing the title of your organization peeked my interest. I... View More
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I forgot a couple of things. One, because of my old profession, I was not one to have any pictures taken. Another reason is that I'm not exactly sure of how to copy one of the few pictures I do have access to, to copy, let alone, upload one. It's not a good excuse; but, it's the only one I have; be... View More
November 1, 2021
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