March 29th 2019 - New Features

New theme launched, multiple updates, and new features planned.

We have new updates this March 29th, 2019 and many new features planned. 

Let me give you a some more details.

Completed as of today:

  1. Deployed the new site theme.
  2. Migrated user accounts from the previous system.
  3. Integrated SMS (text messaging) support for authenticating your account instead of via email.
  4. Deployed a curse word filtering system.
  5. Integrated push notifications for browsers to alert users when they have received a message, like, etc.
  6. Enhanced user interface.

New features planned to be deployed soon.

  1. Mobile apps (currently in the deployment process)
  2. Enhanced Google Maps integration for tagging, check-in, and other location features.
  3. Donation page to provide financial support for Savior Connect (we are a 501c3 registered IRS non-profit)
  4. New profile fields for easier inclusion of content about yourself and/or your organizations(s)
  5. Enhanced email notifications.
  6. Video and audio chat.