April 4th, 2019 - New Features

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Real-time inappropriate content filtering, longer videos, new profile fields, and more...

We have new updates this April 4th, 2019 and many new features on the way.

Let me give you some more details:

Completed as of today:

  1. Real-time filtering and censoring of adult images from being posted on Savior Connect.
  2. Enhanced registration page for new users.
  3. Enhanced ability to invite your friends to join Savior Connect, if they have not joined already!
  4. The ability to upload longer videos (200% increase).
  5. A more personalized email confirmation message when registering.
  6. New and enhanced sharing system adding the ability for users to share posts directly to Pages and Groups.
  7. Added the ability to mute users from being able to message you.
  8. You will now be sent a notification for group chats.
  9. Other cosmetic and functional enhancements.
  10. Added new profile fields for easier inclusion of content about yourself.

New features planned to be deployed soon:

  1. Mobile apps (currently in the deployment process)
  2. Donation page to provide financial support for Savior Connect (we are a 501c3 registered IRS non-profit)
  3. New profile fields for easier inclusion of content about yourself and/or your organizations(s)
  4. Additional enhancements on the email notifications.
  5. Clean, family friendly games.
  6. The ability to upload significantly longer videos.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send them to us!