April 24th, 2019 - New Features

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Real-time video conversions, enhanced video experience, updates to notifications, and more...

We have new updates this April 24th, 2019 and many new features on the way.

Let me give you some more details:

Recently completed:

  1. Added a near real-time video conversion feature, similar to other major social media and video websites.  When you upload videos, they will process and be ready for viewing immediately.
  2. Enhanced videos to have a better experience on mobile devices and those with slow internet connections.
  3. Added menu links to Scripture Media and My Personalized Bible (two of our other sites)
  4. Corrections to notification messages.
  5. Cosmetic updates to notification email templates.

New features planned to be deployed soon:

  1. Mobile apps (currently in the deployment process)
  2. New profile fields for easier inclusion of content about yourself and/or your organizations(s)
  3. Additional enhancements on the email notifications.
  4. Clean, family friendly games.
  5. The ability to upload significantly longer videos.
  6. Add a dedicated post button for comments instead of only being able to post by using the enter key on your phone or keyboard (requested by users).

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send them to us here https://saviorconnect.com/contact-us

Dr. Clay G. Worrell III 2 years ago

Your doing some awesome work!