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John Ramo

Male. Lives in Delray Beach, United States. Born on December 27, 1950. Is married.
When did I get saved?
November 12 1976
How did I hear about Savior Connect?
internet search
About Me
i am a former new yorker now living in Florida. part time retired and work in retail. i am also a ... View More
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Status Update

John Ramo
Please everyone pray for my friend paige is in the hospital pending surgery tomorrow to remove her last 2 toes on her right foot. It's very traumatic as she has had lots of health issues over the year... View More
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I Peréz
prayed that all is well ..
December 15, 2022
Jordan Putman
Lord I pray peace over Paige and all her friends and family. I pray that you guide the doctors hand and surgery utensils. I know your in control help all to see this and give them comfort in knowing you hold them in your hands. In Jesus name Amen!
December 15, 2022