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New Christian Music Release 09/30/2022
Lyrics for Born For This (feat Evvie McKinney) - Social Club Misfits
I was born for this
I was born for this
Remember why you started
In between I want it and I almost got it
What you think I got this far just to drop it
She said I'll always love you even if you local
I said hold up girl, beg ya pardon
I can't do it, that's not what I'm on
I'm sick and tired of eating grease, I want filet mignon
I'm sick of calling Ubers, just to get where I'm going
That's why I'm working late nights just to prove them wrong
Yeah, that's what I'm on
I was born for this
I was born for this
Rise to the occasion
Whatever it takes
You're gonna know my name
I was born for this
Time flying by but my purpose still calling
Got a little too complacent when I should've been all in
Second guessing myself when I know whose son I am
I'm no longer satisfied with just trying, no lying
Lately been feeling lesser, feels like I'm playing catch-up
It's like I'm messing the message up, now need God to clean to this mess up
But to reach my full potential, gotta let go, gotta trust You more
Being transparent so the world knows I love you Lord
Whenever I fall you gone carry me
I was born to carry out the plans that You have for me
Had to pay my dues, win draw lose
Used to call us sell out, 'till we sold out House Of Blues
You remember when we came up, we ain't really have the tools
That's right, we built the infrastructure, this what they don't teach in schools
It don't make sense
My fear don't pay the rent
I'm putting God first in everything, that's what I can't forget
So the farther that I get from You the more I have regrets
So keeping You close forever reminds me not to forget, that I'm blessed
Victory in my veins
It's just in my DNA
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