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The children of Israel had fled Egypt after 400 years of captivity. The Promised Land had been overrun during those years by competing groups of people. To regain their rightful inheritance, there were enemies to conquer and lands to divide. The book of Numbers is about upcoming war, for it will be war against the people of Canaan. Those who have usurped Israel’s inheritance will not want to let go willingly. The children of Israel had to be made into an army.

When the Lord—the greatest statistician in all history—spoke to Moses, telling him to number Israel, he was very specific about how to count the people. The data had to be skewed in favor of victory, not pride. The numbers had to reflect whether Israel could actually win her battles.

Numbers 1:42-43 is a good example of God’s thoroughness. God gave six qualifications that determined how the people were to be numbered.

Qualification #1...


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Gladys McNamee
I listened on utube. It was good
February 19, 2023
Sissy Mom
Listened to this on Saturday. Very, very good. You might be interested in knowing how we were taught statistics many years ago. When I was in college, we had to take statistics to complete the sociology major. But, we were also taught how to manipulate those statistics to fit our desired resul... View More
February 27, 2023