lanc yam
on December 2, 2020 79 views
in this pandemic a lot are mostly now Home Based.. some are working from home.. always in front of their computers.. some dont have work.. some are alone.. some are always connecting with their loveones far from them..
in reality mostly now are using internet.. multitasking is also a thing.. and as we have restrictions in going to houses of worships/chapels.. we are limited.
in INC we are still united and able to uphold our worship services through webex meeting.. we are also blessed to access a lot of our websites readily available links for us to share.. thank God also as we have a dynamic leader who's launching various activities for us to remain strong & steadfast despite the hardships that the world is now experiencing..
we were taught & know that all of these will happen and we were prepared to fight for our faith and run our race until the end.. undaunted.. waiting patiently & thankful as we know our salvation is near. Glory be to the 1 & Only True God!