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Lyrics for WooHoo - Newsboys
request the honor of your presence
the tear gas has blown away
put down your crumpets and your coffee now
so unfashionably late
little brother, little sister
underwater we go
out of our ordinary selves
stepping out
to where the people sing
-and the people sing
-and the times are good
you say i'm acting like a beggar
i call it killing the fool
you carry more baggage
than a momma's boy
on your first day of school
let go the light of the t.v.
drop the hands
the chains that bind me
turn it all around
stop, lift you up 'n die to self
in a time when the left and the right's the same
when it's all blurred vision in a crazy haze
send out the invitations!
you say I'm acting like a beggar
i call it killing the fool
to save your life you gotta lose it
so the people sing
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