David Benic
on June 30, 2022 15 views
Lyrics for Worldwide - Tree63
I could be your satellite
I could give you MTV
You don't need a dish tonight
I get all these things for free
Download this screen Savior
When you're done saving save yourself
You could stay online in your car
Chatline no matter where you are
Virtual reality:
Just not real enough for me
Jesus Christ is still alive
I'm waiting for Him to arrive
An interactive courier above all multimedia
Optical holography:
Have not faith in what you see
Open up your window
How far are you prepared to go?
Could be more than just one drive
How many flavors have you tried?
Go: spirituality
No one here gets saved for free
Somewhere inside of me is the promise of eternity
Somewhere inside of you is the promise that you hide from view
You don't need to understand
You just need to take His hand
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