David Benic
on August 9, 2022 15 views
Lyrics for Suffer (Digital Aura's Morning Drive Mix) - The Echoing Green
With a moon half-empty
And a sky that's gone to waste
And the twilight offers cold embrace
The amber of autumn fades
And the greys of summer's mistakes
And the dreams we try to replicate...
They fall away
Isn't this world something wonderful
That we were made to suffer both it's honesty and cruelty?
With a heart half-empty
And a light I've yet to see
And the sadness takes ahold of me
And fire-white burns like...
We all fall apart
To the cadence of our bleeding hearts
They fall away
Isn't this world something wonderful
That we were made to suffer both it's majesty and cruelty?
They fall away...
And is grace not something beautiful that we were made to suffer?
The lucid touch of clemency
And our tears become a sanctuary we are made to suffer
With tenderness and empathy
We are made to suffer
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